Friday, January 28, 2011

skull sweaterrrr

I thought I would share a picture of me,
because I just said I wan't going to yet, hahaha

I wore this to the X-Japan concert in Vancouver
with my friend Rachel!

I loved these shoes until my dogs completed destroyed
one of them .___."

My friend gave me this sweater!
I had been wanting it FOREVER!
and I finally got it~
It is so comfy^^
The brand is JSG from 109, hehe

I'm going to sleep now.
Work tomorrow and then seeing my boyfriend!
I bought him a nice little gift because it's been a year
since our first official date :3

Good night!


  1. I liked how you cropped your picture!

  2. thank-you thank you!
    and thank you for taking the picture! hahah

  3. hello hello :D I thought I'd also leave you a comment as well since i'm seriously loving your blog♪ I also agree, I love the way you cropped your picture~ i've been wanting to do that sort of thing to my pictures but i've been too lazy to download a photo editing program u.u lol

    anyways I followed you back ♥♥


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