Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long time no post :o


Finally Fall Semester is over and I can have a life again!
So I'd would like to start up again here :)

I haven't been up to alot lately,
but I'm hoping to start studying Korean soon^^

I hope I can go there soon ~
I planned to go this summer but I'm totally broke u__u;

So I'll be posting more soon!
Here is just one photo of my face ;p
I'm wearing lenses whoaaaaaaa that doesn't happen often


  1. I'd like to learn korean too! but there is absolutely no where to learn it in Miami ): lol

    and the picture is beautiful! ^-^

  2. ooh korean's a fun language to learn :)
    I use to be obsessed about it and now I can read, write and understand some. Though I haven't watched as many korean shows so im forgetting some of the words :(.
    You have really nice eyes :)

  3. emily: I like Korean, but it feels so weird to start brand new with a new language after learning japanese for so long ;p they are similar, and so different hahah & thank you^3^ I hope you can find a place to learn! if I find a good website I will share with youuu~

    silkybow: I hope I can learn Korean as much as you! Does watching Korean shows give good practice for listening? ;p I should watch!
    and thank you!! I'm wearing lenses in that photo..hehe^0^


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