Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Day of May


Tonight is my last night before I go back to work full time(TヘTo)
ahh I don't want to go back to work!
But it will be soooo nice to have money again hahahha

I went to the nightclub 'Touch' on friday night because it had a fund-raiser for Japan, but I didn't get any photos of me and my friend T_T
I've got to get into the habit of taking pictures again huhu

It is already May 1st. Time just flies doesn't it?
I hope my boyfriend can find a job soon,
because if he doesn't......
he might have to go to Korea to do 2 years of mandatory military service
I know he has to do it sooner or later.. but I hope he can do it when I can go to korea too u_u;

Not much else to say at this time, so I will update soon!! Good night★


  1. full time?? wow :O where will you be working?? I can hardly manage a part-time job because I am so lazy ): but I only have 150 dollars left to my name, so I need to get a job ahh D:

    I hope your boyfriend will find a job soon! and if not, I hope you can go to korea with him (: positive thinking!

    and good luck with everything♪

  2. I work at Butchart Gardens. It is a really famous tourist attraction on my town! I am so lazy too, so I'm having a tough time working so often haha. But in the summer I hope to help with an ESL camp. Maybe you could find a job like that?

    I think he got a job today! so maybe everything is okay B) thank you so much !!


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