Friday, May 6, 2011

It is a beautiful sunny day and I get to spend the day with some good old friends~
My one friend lives is only here for a bit then she's back to Japan to live with her boyfriend,
and I just haven't seen my other friend forever!

I imagine that when we go out we stand out like these 3 monsters from the old show Ahh! Real Monsters. Just because we dress so differently than anyone else in this town, haha

I'll do my best to take some pictures today!
We're going to my favourite Japanese restaraunt, SenZushi.
Before my friend Hana moved to Japan, we almost went here every Friday.
It will be so nostalgic to go here together once again~ I can't wait.

I'll miss her when she's gone again. She is one of my only friends that have so much in common with me that I can talk to about anything. I love my friends, but I can't talk about my interests with them because I'm sure I just bore them ;^;

here is a old picture when we loved gyaru lolol

but I accidentally made it so small and can't fix it ;(

So I'll update soon^^
byeeee for now <3

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